Trailcross the Castle of Wonder - 276 Mid Summer by Aykavil

Map Description:

Trailcross is the end result of a mega-construction project spanning 76 dwarf years: building a full-fledged native obsidian (i.e. carved-out solidified lava) castle. Snap shots posted on bay12games forum.

The castle is made of solidified lava. Foundations were dug 4 z-levels in order to embed the castle into the first stone layer. Underground walls are also smoothed on the outside, which implied to dig the foundations at least twice (more than twice for water and lava supply lines). Roofs and hoardings are made of clear glass blocks. All pieces of architecture (bridges, pillars, furnaces, depot) are masterfully designed and masterfully built. All pieces of furniture (grates, mechanism, doors, statues...) are masterful pieces. Engravings are either masterful or exceptional.

The road leading in the four cardinal directions are made of constructed obsidian block floors. The four cardinal gates comprise an obsidian block drawbridge, two steel portcullises, traps, murderholes and arrowslits. They open on the outside at z-level 1 and on the inside at z-level 3. Three clear glass towers and drawbridges allow for the passage of each outer gate to the castle proper. In each direction, the castle is defended by an obsidian block drawbridge, arrowslits, 2 portcullises and doors. There are 2 independent levers controlling each of the 4 portcullises and 5 drawbridges per direction in the lever/meeting room one level above the trade depot.
The drawbridges protecting the entrances to the towers of the outer wall are each controlled by one nearby lever.

Supply lines:
A lava intake is built in the castle north-west tower. The castle north-east tower is the only place with preserved natural soil from ground level down. The castle south-east tower is a water cistern, and has a complex water intake. A water source is located in the south-east grounds, it flows to the cistern, and outside the castle through the east wall near the outer south-east tower.

The gates are lined with five rows of weapon traps. Each weapon trap comprise a masterful obsidian mechanism and 10 masterful iron weapon trap components (one type of component per row).
During the 76 years of its construction, the building team has also produced masterful steel armor (37 suits of plate mail, 48 suits of chain mail, 43 greaves, 42 helms, 37 caps, 61 gauntlets, 60 high boots, 47 shields), 200 masterful obsidian short swords, masterful iron weapons (200 battle axes, 112 war hammers, 200 crossbows), training silver weapons (20 battle axes, 68 war hammers, 30 maces).

The initial team, the Fabulous Rags, has consisted of 7 unskilled dwarves with no supply whatsoever (except 3 logs from the starting wagon). This honestly only affected the first year. The population was kept at all times under 30 dwarves, mostly to control the framerate.

Point of Interest: General layout

- Aykavil

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Submitted by: Fred Bernd - 2010-11-23 to 201 Early Spring

That map is incredible!
What texture pack are you using?

Submitted by: Jeremiah - 2011-02-12 to 276 Mid Summer


Submitted by: Aykavil - 2011-04-15 to 231 Early Spring

The tile set is Mike Mayday's.

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