Ilidetur, "Ruleboulder" - 1069 Mid Summer by Genuine

Map Description:

Built in a Mandala design, this is my last fort before the new version is released.

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Submitted by: Oneiros - 2007-09-20 to 1069 Mid Summer

Amazing fortress design. How were you irrigating your farm plots? Did you use a utility to a rock tile into a river?

Submitted by: Savok - 2007-09-20 to 1069 Mid Summer

He couldn't be since it would take two floodgates and he only has one.
See the bridge line by the water tile? Follow it down. See, they go to a water channel connected to the river.
He's shipping water under the bridges.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-09-20 to 1069 Mid Summer

Genuine, have you out done yourself? That new ring has a even greate sense of scale then the last. Great job! Personally, I think you're taking the piss by building a second anti-chamber beyond the fissure though; its like a welcome pad for the demons.

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