Creedwind - 261 Mid Autumn by belannaer

Map Description:

My new fortress. About 10 years old now.

Point of Interest: Grand dining room

( 261 Mid Autumn → 500 Early Spring )

This is my still a bit unfinished grand dining room (making clear glass blocks en masse is sloooow. Floors, pillars and walls are solid gold with gold statues everywhere. Furniture is made of steel since I didn't have enough platinum or aluminium to make them. On each side is an animal chained to an aluminium chain. Huge clear glass floors cover the water on the level below that has alligators and crocodiles in it. - belannaer

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Submitted by: Markavian` - 2010-09-06 to 261 Mid Autumn

I see a finely crafted spiral.

Submitted by: belannaer - 2010-09-10 to 261 Mid Autumn

Added Stonesense pictures here:

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