Fort - 10 Late Winter by LegendaryClother

Map Description:

6 Year fort.160 Dwarfes. Wealth 11 000 000 * used only Gold.

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Submitted by: Tokkius - 2009-12-10 to 303 Mid Spring

Also, this fortress is called Steelholds. Dunno why it defaulted to "fort".

Submitted by: Lemunde - 2009-12-11 to 303 Mid Spring

Nice. And good job on not engraving every last tile. I hate when people do that.

Submitted by: Retro - 2009-12-11 to 303 Mid Spring

If you edit the map, you can revert its name back.

Nice fort, though. I like the entrace's gardens.

Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-12-11 to 303 Mid Spring

Bad fire imp!

On the bright side, it should burn away all of the goblin clothing scattered across the map.

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