Throattrade - 1059 Early Spring by Worldwaker

Map Description:

My new embark site, hopefully everything will go well.. Seeing as I started with an exposed cave system.. I'm betting otherwise.

Point of Interest: The wagon.

( 1059 Early Spring → onwards )

Starting wagon full of goodies. - Worldwaker

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-08-24 to 1059 Early Spring

uhh, exposed cave system, interesting

Submitted by: nonobots - 2010-08-24 to 1059 Early Spring

Flying FBs will be tough to contain.

Submitted by: Kregoth - 2010-08-25 to 1059 Early Spring

O.o post the save it would be fun to try that out hell make it a succession game lol :)

Submitted by: VladTheBad - 2010-08-26 to 1059 Early Spring

FREAKING AWESOME MAP! (Seriously, How'd you gen that one up? I'd love that map!

It'd be a good map to not dig your own entry... but just build stairs down to the natural entry.... and start building your fort in the caverns.....

Submitted by: Caranha - 2010-08-27 to 1059 Early Spring

I would like a save too, or at least instructions on how to find open air caves :-)

Submitted by: Worldwaker - 2010-08-28 to 1060 Early Spring

Thou ask and thou shall recieve.
If needed, I'll upload a save, here's the embark location:

Oh, and I've got no idea how to find another open air cavern system like this.. It was dumb luck.

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