Gateblows - 1052 Early Summer by Chthon

Map Description:

First elven caravan has arrived along with a diplomat. What absurd demands will they give me this time?

Point of Interest: 22 Migrants

Rig˛th the Mason, Adequate Speardwarf, Competent Engraver, Competent Mason
Atýr the Tailor, Competent Weaver, Clothier, Wood Crafter, Stone Crafter, Glassmaker, Leatherworker, Bone Carver, Adequate Bone Doctor
´ngiz the Engraver, Novice Engraver, Novice Miller
Medtob the Child
Ral the Child
Rovod the Blacksmith, Novice Brewer, High Master Furnace Operator, Talented Metal Crafter
Ducim the Carpenter, Novice Carpenter, Novice Armorsmith, Novice Wood Burner
Dumat the Craftsdwarf, Adequate Bone Carver
Udil the Planter, Adept Grower, Accomplished Potash Maker
Lolor the Craftsdwarf, Talented Fish Cleaner, Adequate Stone Crafter
Stodir the Mason, Novice Mason
Datan the Smith, Talented Wood Cutter, Adequate Metalsmith
Ast the Miner, Adept Miner, Competent Hammerdwarf
Vab˘k the Craftsdwarf, Adequate Animal Caretaker, Talented Bone Carver
Vab˘k the Craftsdwarf, Adequate Stone Crafter
Oddom the Brewer, Talented Animal Caretaker, Competent Brewer
Avuz the Cook, Skilled Speardwarf, Novice Siege Operator, Talented Soaper, Dabbling Cook
Fikod the Leatherworker, High Master Cheese Maker, Adequate Leatherworker, Competent Potash Maker
Mebzuth the Cook, Talented Brewer, Competent Lye Maker, Novice Macedwarf
Zasit the Smelter, Talented Furnace Operator, Novice Engraver
Kogan the Craftsdwarf, Talented Stone Crafter, Competent Brewer
Goden the Peasant - Chthon

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Submitted by: Moodcarver - 2010-08-10 to 1051 Early Spring

I forgot my long underwear. Abandon fortress.

Submitted by: Chthon - 2010-08-10 to 1051 Early Autumn

I'm running a Let's Play of this on here and in the channel LetsplayDF. Please feel free to drop on by and leave requests. If I'm on I'll be happy to try to grant them. If not then hopefully I'll see them when I get back.

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2010-08-17 to 1054 Early Winter

Good to know werewolves can be defeated...

Submitted by: Chthon - 2010-08-18 to 1055 Early Spring

It would be fun to know that dwarves that get bitten and survive would turn into werewolves themselves too, but I guess that'll have to come later with disease and magic.

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