Gateblows - 1051 Early Spring by Chthon

Map Description:

In the dead of winter a small contingent of dwarves arrive to a barren landscape. Across the tree dotted fields of snow one can make out claw marks in the trees alone with red smears that look like blood.

"Could it be that the trees are bleeding?" asks Ast the miner.
"No, that looks like goblin blood." says Moody Blues the Tunecrafter.
"Whatever it is, we need to break the earth fast before whatever did that comes back. If I see it I'll try to kill it but dig fast and maybe I won't need to." remarked Vucar the carpenter.

As Krieger and Ast mined into the cliff side they could not help but feel that they were being watched though nothing was in sight.

Point of Interest: The pilgrims set up camp in a forbidding waste.

( 1051 Early Spring → 1051 Late Spring )

- Chthon

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Submitted by: Moodcarver - 2010-08-10 to 1051 Early Spring

I forgot my long underwear. Abandon fortress.

Submitted by: Chthon - 2010-08-10 to 1051 Early Autumn

I'm running a Let's Play of this on here and in the channel LetsplayDF. Please feel free to drop on by and leave requests. If I'm on I'll be happy to try to grant them. If not then hopefully I'll see them when I get back.

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2010-08-17 to 1054 Early Winter

Good to know werewolves can be defeated...

Submitted by: Chthon - 2010-08-18 to 1055 Early Spring

It would be fun to know that dwarves that get bitten and survive would turn into werewolves themselves too, but I guess that'll have to come later with disease and magic.

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