Roadraced - 1053 Early Spring by TroZ

Map Description:

A fortress that I attempted to build entirely above ground.

I did rather well, loosing only 2 dwarfs, one while building an underground far that was never used and the other to stupidity. In both cases (they died at the same time) it was because of frozen lakes melting, on standing on top of the lake, and one on the wrong side of a floodgate that they just installed.

Anyway, the 'wooden castle' has 3 main floors, with a lookout tower an additional 2 floors higher, with 4 glass windows and topped in sliver (bought from a caravan).

The only digging done (besides for an underground far that was never used) was to get some stone and gems for a mood. I did bring 10 stone and 3 gems just in case, but the two dwarfs apparently want what I had brought.

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