Dirge the Heavenly Fortress - 51 Early Spring by MageOfTyr

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The perfect world

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Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2010-08-02 to 51 Early Spring

If it's perfect, then anything you do is just gonna mess it up. ;) I say it could use some imperfection, such as a 7-wide, 7-z magma faucet pouring down the cliff face.

This is a gorgeous example of a pre-3d-style map. If only it had a magma river somewhere in that mountain...

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Do you only see a blank space?

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You can download the compressed map file: 2010-07/mageoftyr-Dirge the Heavenly F-region2-51-1.fdf-map but you will need the .NET version of SL's DF Map Compressor to convert to the .PNG image format.