Angzas - Redcrystal - 207 Mid Autumn by Nyst

Map Description:

The first fort where I actually managed to survive winters, migrants, nobles, the economy and sieges, and finally managed to get some actual architecture in.

Also built on a map with no trees, no water, barely any life and nothing but sand and aquifier. For Fun.

Point of Interest: Middle of nowhere

Sand. Nothing but sand for miles around. No trees, no shrubs, no rocks, no water. Except water. two z-levels down the entire map is aquifier. Animals will sometimes migrate through the map, but other then that the only life are giant scorpions hidden in the sand. - Nyst

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-07-25 to 207 Mid Autumn

All good, thanks for the tour of Angzas, I shall visit again soon!

Submitted by: A humble advisor - 2010-11-06 to 207 Mid Autumn

You said you were thinking about how to improve the throne room, here are some ideas...
-Patterned channels of magma
-Make the throne room extend up a moderatly long tunnel from the two sides of the "top" of the room(witch you allow acess to through long twisting routes cut into the walls) leading to the middle one that expands as it rises while going back (while the other two go forward) and houses the throne

Submitted by: A humble advisor - 2010-11-06 to 207 Mid Autumn
Diagram I made is here

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