Sunkenfires - 1054 Early Spring by SenorPez

Map Description:

Construction of the entrance chambers has been completed, and the dig down toward magma continues in earnest...

... or rather, it would, if the fortress weren't experiencing a tantrum spiral of massive proportions. The residents of Angelmurders had grown close over the years, and that closeness created problems when a few of their number were struck down before they could retreat from ambushers.

Point of Interest: Entrance Chamber

Though not yet flooded, the entrance chamber design is complete. The Trade Depot sits above the pit, and the main entrance into the fortress is secure in a hollow column leading up and down. - SenorPez

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Submitted by: NevrGivUp - 2010-07-21 to 1054 Early Spring

I like this graphics set, which is it?

Submitted by: Croque - 2010-07-21 to 1054 Early Spring

I like the design more then the titleset =+)

Submitted by: Ironhand - 2010-07-22 to 1054 Early Spring

Mine! It's very much a work in progress, but you should come check it out anyway.

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