Chasmcity - 275 Mid Autumn by belannaer

Map Description:

23rd year with some big bangs.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-07-05 to 270 Early Winter

Stunning work. A great open fortress, clearly planned out, and well executed. I dream of having forts like this, but always get stuck in the details. :)

Submitted by: kerzykerz - 2010-07-05 to 270 Early Winter

this is a bloody awesome fort, I'm interested in knowing what defends the long entrance way is it traps, just rely on military, or something more intricate that i haven't noticed

Submitted by: belannaer - 2010-07-05 to 270 Early Winter

Answer would be something more intricate. When my dwarves pull a lever the entrance is flooded with tons and tons of magma when a bridge under the 3 levels worth of magma cistern is opened. The magma keeps recycling and flowing around because of the pumpstacks pump it up almost instantly when it gets down thus creating continuously flowing wall of magma. Also the bridges close around it to keep it contained and when the levers are pulled again the entrance opens and automatically cleans itself from the magma. It's not originally my idea but copied from

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2010-07-05 to 270 Early Winter

The titular example of a proper surface fort. Lots of great buildings and use of water. The romans would be proud. :>

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