Biggalleys - 1054 Early Spring by TroZ

Map Description:

The is the starting conditions for my second Weekly Challenge
Information here:

Basically, at this desolate location along the coast of a frozen ocean (and the land having a aquifer), construct bedrooms for the initial dwarfs and enough beds for the others, construct a well, and construct a balista with 2 steel tipped balista arrows, and fire it at least once. Bonus points for any destruction caused by the balista.

My results (and probably other's results) to follow.

Point of Interest: Starting Location

( 1054 Early Spring → onwards )

The starting location. The other dwarfs are on the slopes, but were 'blinking off' when this was saved obviously - TroZ

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-07-18 to 1054 Early Spring

Bedrooms.... ?

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