Roughnesschants - 1063 Early Spring by Shadowfury333

Map Description:

The farming and industrial districts are done. Also, as can be seen from the date, I've managed to get FPS high enough that I don't have to use [SPEED:0] on my dwarves.

At this point, everything that was in the old city is now in the new one.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-06-21 to 1060 Mid Winter

Wait... rebuilding the city?
How long has this fort - I mean city - been running for?

Submitted by: Shadowfury333 - 2010-06-22 to 1060 Mid Winter

After showing the first image to the guys on the Bay12 forums, they kindly pointed out that the first design was more of a complex than a city. I also realized I had a ton of space and didn't need to be so cheap with it. As such, I decided to redesign along more spacious lines.

Submitted by: Retro - 2010-07-15 to 1063 Early Spring

Certainly becoming a more and more interesting fort! I'm happy to see you're still playing this.

Submitted by: Shadowfury333 - 2010-11-03 to 1065 Early Winter

If anyone is following this. I'm going to be probably stopping it. I have, as far as I am concerned, completed the experiment I set out for, to create a complete above-ground modular city. I have another idea which I will be making into another fort, which will probably start within the month, but it is low priority.

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