Glazerooted - 26 Late Autumn by Kanddak

Point of Interest: Aquifer piercing rig

( 26 Late Autumn → 27 Late Spring )

Concentric rings of natural soil walls used to enclose ever-smaller dry areas in the aquifer levels. This method requires two dry levels above the first aquifer, so that you can dig underneath the walls to collapse them. The rings are suspended from the level above; in this case I had stone for mechanisms and could use supports, but you could trigger collapse without stone by having a dwarf deconstruct a floor -- preferably (for the dwarf) at the end of a long fuse far from the gaping pit. - Kanddak

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Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2010-07-13 to 27 Late Spring

Envisioning that engraved hall with the f word... I imagine dwarf children would run past those pillars every day of their juvenile lives without knowing what they said.

And of course, when they find out it would be like finding out that Santa's not real.

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