Boltclutched - 1056 Mid Summer by Onyx3173

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My first somewhat successful map. It's taken me three starved/dehydrated parties but I believe I've got farming (mostly) working and dwarves have actually started drinking the water I designated. (This is also my first map uploaded here so I'm not sure if it was done correctly yet.)

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Submitted by: Onyx3173 - 2010-07-02 to 1056 Mid Summer

Level 166 is the main level. I'm using the Mayday tile pack. (Made it a lot simpler to start learning since I have a poor memory and kept forgetting what a lot of the Ascii symbols meant.)

-The large amounts of gems and ore are there cause my parties keep dying before I can get the fortress stabilized and running well enough to bother making anything out of it.

-The big pit south of the ore-rooms is where my farms are.

-Bedrooms are west of the farms. (Which as you can see I was busy working on when I took these screenshots.)

-The stairs in the southern hallway lead down several levels into my mine.

-The moat is rediculously big but I had a bunch of starving dwarves who didn't seem to want to do anything other than dig.

-As you can see, the moat is rather dry at the moment cause I failed to start near a flowing water source. Hopefully the water in the moat will last the next party long enough to get everything going nice and stable so I can find an underground river and pump some water up.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-07-02 to 1056 Mid Summer

Hey Onyx, "use the Add a Point of Interest" feature on the DFMA to add... points of interest. They'll help us viewers navigate around.

Good luck with your fort!

Submitted by: Onyx3173 - 2010-07-02 to 1056 Mid Summer

I'll do that once I figure out how the point of interst thing works, I'm not quite sure how to figure out the XY coordinates on my map and the levels(Z) option through point of interest is different than the levels I uploaded. Any tips would be very appreciated.

Submitted by: Retro - 2010-07-02 to 1056 Mid Summer

It's pretty easy - move the map to where you want the POI to be, hit 'Add a Point of Interest,' write. Don't bother trying to calibrate the numbers or anything, just fill in title and description and you can leave the rest.

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Submitted by: Onyx3173 - 2010-07-02 to 1056 Mid Summer

Alrighty, thanks for the tips.

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Submitted by: Onyx3173 - 2010-07-03 to 1056 Mid Summer

When I start my next reclaim I'll post an update to the map. Damned goblins keep killing me cause I haven't quite finished my defenses. I almost had a drawbridge build and I've got 2-3 windmills built. (I wasn't sure how many it'd take to power screw pumps down as far as I need.) Now for the ironic part, out of all the ores and stuff I had I ended up using gold to make a grate for the pump system and however many pipe pieces I managed to make before dying.

Submitted by: Onyx3173 - 2010-07-03 to 1060 Early Spring

Uploaded the newer map. Sorry about all the PoI's, 4 years will do that to a fortress.

I probably won't play too much in the next few weeks (although I could be wrong) seeing as I normally don't play a game for more than a few hours straight at a time let alone a few days straight. This is definitely not the last you'll see of Boltclutched.

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Submitted by: Sinergistic2 - 2010-07-05 to 1060 Early Spring

Re: Grr and Grr2: Have you tried dumping them? 'k' over the rock, highlight it with the numpad '-' and '+' keys, and then 'd'ump it. If you've done this already, you may need to investigate your 'o'rders, and see if dwarves collect refuse etc from outside. There may be an order preventing them from dumping stuff that is outside.

Also, the rock might be forbidden. Try 'd'esignating a 'b'ulk command, and then reclaim them with 'c' by clicking the rocks with your mouse. Alt: 'k' over the rock, highlight it, and press 'f' if it's forbidden, which should unforbid it.

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Edit again: Pumps take 10 power each, so 25 will take 250 power + whatever you use to transfer the power from the windmill to the pumpstack. Gears take 5 power and axles take 1 power per tile.

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Submitted by: Onyx3173 - 2010-07-10 to 1060 Early Spring

Thanks for all that info, Sinergistic2, I'll have to remember all that next time I fire up DF. It might be awhile though cause I just got Persona 3 Portable and that'll be eating up some significant time.

Well, I have the rocks set to (d)ump and the (o)rders are set to collect from outside. So far they are ignoring them though but I think that's because I forgot to mark them for (d)ump and such before-hand.

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