Ceilingstoked - 262 Early Autumn by AtomicPaperclip

Map Description:

First major fort in the .31 series. 218 dwarves. My report on the use of burrows for segregated forts: Only useful for small forts, requires too much micromanagement. Assigning dwarves nicknames so you can keep track of where they belong, assigning beds in the correct area, assigning them to the burrow itself, NOT accidentally assigning them to another burrow, ensuring seeds get distributed to all necessary areas, etc.

Point of Interest: Lower-dining room

Filled with masterwork tetrahedrite and galena furniture, this is the place where the impoverished farmers hang out and eat. During emergencies the drawbridge can be raised, protecting the dwarves from all land threats. Food can be dropped in from the "Tree" - AtomicPaperclip

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