Crestshot - 4x3 Vaults - 43 Early Spring by Rolan7

Map Description:

As I prepared vault 2A, a vile force of darkness arrived! About 60 dwarves charged the siege, and after a close battle, the surviving goblins ran off. Only 7 dwarves remained. So did I remember to patch that hole in the wall? Nope.

Two seasons later, the 7 survivors plus a small immigrant wave were anhilated by 90 goblins - over a dozen with crossbows, and led by two legendary fighters. They streamed through the breach, unstoppable, and took no losses from the hastily mobilized defenders.

The dwarves of vault A1 didn't care, of course - they didn't know those other dwarves, so they received no bad thoughts. Then the crossbowgoblins made the mistake of shooting into the vault, killing a couple of dogs. Only 18 adults lived in Vault A1, but every one had gained superpowers from 15 years of socialization. After a couple days of refresher sparring, the order was given to open the vault. 80 fearless dwarven children rushed to the task, and amazingly opened the wall with no losses. The 18 stout dwarves flowed into the courtyard like magma, surrounding the goblins horde in seconds. None escaped. Only 1 dwarf fell, to a barrage of crossbow bolts.

The immediate danger past, the dwarves of vault A1 proceeded to vomit all over their fallen foes. The children helped, a lot.

Incredibly, while standing in that bloody courtyard, the mayor then had a strange mood. She emerged from the hastily-constructed masons shop with "Channeledkiss The Defense of Burying". I couldn't make that up, "The Defense of Burying". It's just a diorite quern with bands of diorite, but still.

Anyway. I'm now faced with the problem of what to do with the wounded, as I have no source of water. You can see the wounded thirsting in their beds back in Vault A1. I tried deconstructing their beds, but really most of them need at least a year I think. So, I'm leaving their fate to Armok. All the healthy dwarves will relocate into Vault 2A, with it's fancy new design. The main difference: it's no longer vulnerable to goblin snipers, and there's a much larger open-air waste disposal area on top. If I'm correct, the strawberries will grow just fine "inside" because their tiles are still "light".

Once Vault 2A is sealed, I'll have the beds of A1 deconstructed. The migrants are still arriving hard and fast, so there's a good chance the wounded will be tossed out of bed and make their way to the booze before it's too late.

Point of Interest: Vault A2 topsoil (covered)

( 43 Early Spring → onwards )

Vault A2. On this Z-level it looks just like A1, but look above it and see: it has a roof! The roof and surrounding wall provide safety from goblin snipers, and also a relatively large area to dump refuse and bodies. Vault A1 was producing miasma like a smokestack, mostly from rotting plants, but also from dwarves who failed moods.

If I'm really lucky, I hit the artifact cap (based on tiles excavated) with the mayor's artifact quern. I doubt I'm that lucky. - Rolan7

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Submitted by: Mzbundifund - 2010-06-03 to 38 Early Autumn

How dwarfy!

What a fantastic experiment. How do you keep the dwarves from milling about on top of the wall? Did you remove the up stair from under the ground level stockpile?

Submitted by: Rolan7 - 2010-06-03 to 38 Early Autumn

That's right, it was a constructed up stair and I had them remove it. They're now completely sealed in, except from theoretical air assault. I think they're safe from those too, though - it's a "good" biome, peaceful I think. The only flying creatures I saw were swarms of pixies.

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