Rubbedtrade - 1054 Early Spring by Urist Imiknorris

Map Description:

This tower at the start of its third year.
30/31 Z-levels, and apparently a flood uncomfortably close to the magma workshops.

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Submitted by: Pheonix_RE - 2010-05-18 to 1052 Early Spring

Wouldn't it be safer to eventually move the stairs over to the edge of the tower and have the path make its way up through that method? It'll make it far easier to actually access the wall to build up on it.
Also, what color are you using for your open space tile?

Submitted by: Urist Imiknorris - 2010-05-20 to 1052 Early Spring

I was using orange. 255 red, 128 blue.

Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2010-05-21 to 1053 Early Spring

The new version is cool. No matter where you embark, there's gonna be water and magma.

It's great that you haven't discarded the open air just because there's plenty of cavern to work with. I aslo love how you walled off that big section of cavern over several z-levels. KEEP THOSE BATS OUT!

Nice project.

Submitted by: Retro - 2010-05-22 to 1053 Early Spring

Ooh, good idea with changing the sky colour.

Submitted by: Urist Imiknorris - 2010-05-22 to 1054 Early Spring

I was going to use the orange color for the (hopefully eventual) Eye of Sauron at the top. It also adds a good bit to the desert feeling.

Submitted by: Zruku - 2010-05-26 to 1054 Early Spring

At first I thought you had some weird map issue that had dirt as sky, then I realized you changed the sky color. Looking like you'll have a nice tower.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2010-06-02 to 1056 Early Spring

Very nice, man! I love rounded things and especially towers. Now bonus points by making your tower taller via digging an 8-tile circular moat around it going down as deep as you dare to make it. Caverns? To seal those off, construct walls for your cylindrical geo-front. DO EET

Submitted by: Graebeard - 2010-06-02 to 1056 Early Spring

Thanks! I'd love to have a 10+ floor moat, but the stream tributaries are a problem. I couldn't figure out a good way to channel out the water-generating squares. I'm sure you could do something with cave-ins, but I've never played around with that, and I didn't want to ruin the fort.

Submitted by: Retro - 2010-06-17 to 1057 Early Spring

I hope you guys don't mind me adding a side view POI, but it was just so awesome that I couldn't not do it.

Submitted by: Pheonix - 2010-06-17 to 1057 Early Spring

I certainly don't mind. If anything it only shows off how awesome the tower looks. Factoring in the shadows, it looks like the Sears Tower almost.

When that 3D visualizer comes out I'd certainly like to look at all the towers in this contest with it.

Submitted by: Graebeard - 2010-06-18 to 1057 Early Spring

Looks like you had a productive year. It's awesome that we have 2 years from here to top it off and trick it out.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2010-07-08 to 1058 Early Spring

It reminds me of the Launch Arcology from Simcity 2000 :D The helical spiralling legs, mostly.

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