Clutchfountains - 1055 Mid Summer by hjd_uk

Map Description:

Goblins! ... Friendly Goblins!? Just as well, the expedition to find out what purple squares meant found their answer.

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Submitted by: hjd_uk - 2010-05-10 to 1055 Mid Summer

I typo'd "Jesus" *facepalm*

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2010-05-10 to 1055 Mid Summer

In case you didn't know:

If you have a account then you can edit your points of interest to correct these sorts of embarrassing typos.
All creatures can walk on brooks, this is to simulate a shallow brook instead of a proper river as best possible in the game.

Submitted by: Retro - 2010-05-11 to 1055 Mid Summer

The mystery ramp is a tunnel - in adventure mode, you can use them to travel between goblin towers. I don't know if goblins will enter onto your map through there in fortress mode, though. Don't think so.

Submitted by: hjd_uk - 2010-05-11 to 1055 Mid Summer

Damn, Fort Lost. Ambush while mason was finishing off a drawbridge that could have saved them all. :|.

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