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I made pretty good progress on the fort during the first year, but other than the three raccoons that ran inside when I made a hole to the outdoors while building the dining room, nothing exciting happened. I guess I should be careful what I wish for, though...

Point of Interest: Main entrance

( 1052 Early Spring → onwards )

To construct this entrance, I built floors out into open space just barely in range of the eastern cliff, installed the two retractable microcline bridges to get to the wall, dug out a bit of space, and then built the primary drawbridge.
In the future this is going to be the first of several military checkpoints, but right now it's serving as a temporary home for furniture storage, sleeping quarters, dining area, and several industries including metals and carpentry.
The room with the notches in the walls will hopefully be used to display artifacts.

- FunkyWaltDogg

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-05-03 to 1053 Early Spring

The aqueduct is cool, not seen one of those in a while :)

Submitted by: FunkyWaltDogg - 2010-05-03 to 1053 Early Spring

Thanks! Since these shots were taken, I've constructed a "dwarfduct" in close to the same position on the fortress levels so that I can go mining on the west side, and hopefully find a decent supply of an ore of something other than silver.

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