Angelsmash - 105 Early Spring by Demonic Spoon

Map Description:

After the third turn. I mostly tried to use the open spaces that were just standing around and doing little digging myself execpt for my personal quarters.

Point of Interest: First UG Cavern Outpost

Just a foothold that I established underground. To the left you can see my GCS project. Hopefully it will catch other stuff as well. - Demonic Spoon

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Submitted by: Graebeard - 2010-04-28 - Removed

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2010-04-28 to 106 Mid Spring

I like it! And I was aware that my toehold was vulnerable to fliers, good thing you noticed that. As to the furniture stockpile I was just trying to use up the empty spaces, heck there wasn't a furniture stockpile at all before I made that one. And I like doors okay? I've experienced one flood too many in fortresses and I am a bit paranoid about doors and hatches. And I notice one of the green petal thingies in the mosaic has a probably accidental yellow tile?

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Submitted by: Retro - 2010-04-28 to 106 Mid Spring

Very nice mural! However, I see two tiles without flooring and one with the wrong colour.

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Do you only see a blank space?

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