Creedgild - 1051 Mid Summer by NEO|Phyte

Map Description:

Stealth fort! With the power of arcane construction magicks, I have sealed my starting 7 underground while leaving no mark upon the surface. Immediately after they were sealed, migrants arrived.

Point of Interest: Furrowed dirt

My initial team entered the depths here, then poked the constructed stairs with a stick from below to deconstruct it. Won't take long for grass to regrow, completing the stealthiness. - NEO|Phyte

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Submitted by: Doppel - 2010-04-13 to 1051 Mid Summer

Always nice to have such a fortress, it creates for some fun storytelling (in your mind or on paper). Made similar fortresses before, one were the starting seven (plus one "lucky" migrant) were divided into four entirely separate fortresses and families, another where seven were separated from each other in an engraving experiment to see how personalities and (dis)likes influenced their artwork throughout many years. Anyways, have fun.

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