Ragbasement - 303 Mid Autumn by RPharazon

Map Description:

The second year of the reborn Ragbasement. Originally founded in 301, Ragbasement was quickly overrun by an elephantine menace, and abandoned by force. The reclaimers came in 302, able to set up anti-elephant defenses before major developments occurred.

Currently stable yet having trouble with the barrel and bin supply, Ragbasement has no long-term problems, except maybe a disgruntled soldier with masterwork gear.

The fortress relies on its available supply of Dwarfonium, an alloy of certain metals and coloured contaminants. Its purple-pink tinge is deceptive. Combined with a magma sea forge complex (not pictured due to the clerk passing out on his desk after a particularly wild night of eating alcohol meals and drinking three kinds of alcohol).

Finally, the fortress is settled on a very rich sedimentary base, somehow abundant in all non-plaster-capable stones. Luckily, traders regularly bring gypsum in stone form every autumn season.

Point of Interest: The Entrance

( 303 Mid Autumn → onwards )

Rife with a depot and complete with abundant cage traps, this entrance is rarely used, as the underground world is richer and more abundant in nature than the elephantine outer world. - RPharazon

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