Gulfobeyed - 63 Mid Autumn by memory

Point of Interest: 1. Welcome to Gulfobeyed!

21st Sandstone in the 63rd year of our prosperous kingdom. I, Nani Charmcalls, member of the Royal Magi, have come to the seaside town of Gulfobeyed to observe the progress of my compatriots, so that I may deliver a report to the Council on their behalf.

At first glance, I am not impressed. The outpost is easily discernible from faraway, but it took a long while to locate their rough, pitiful road leading up to the gate. I suspect I won't be very impressed. - memory

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Submitted by: Retro - 2010-03-29 to 63 Mid Autumn

Enjoyable fort! I love caverns so. And the whole 'within a mountain' aesthetic works very well. I especially enjoyed the lighthouse.

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2010-03-29 to 63 Mid Autumn

I like it. Too bad magic isn't really implemented yet, I assume you are making use of some third party software for the teleporting effects or don't actually have any teleporting effects?

Submitted by: memory - 2010-03-29 to 63 Mid Autumn

No magic or mods or anything, I'm just embellishing.

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