Nilorshar "Hammerweb" - 356 Late Autumn by zong

Map Description:

This is Hammerweb in its 54th year. 51 dwarves call this fortress home and 85 call it their grave. Many wonders have been built within its halls.

I started construction back in january or february, just to have something to do while waiting for the new version.
Probably my greatest fortress so far.

Point of Interest: Plaza

( 356 Late Autumn → onwards )

This is a masterfully designed image of hidden moons. The image is the symbol of the quiet rampart, a dwarven civilization. - zong

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Submitted by: Retro - 2010-03-26 to 356 Late Autumn

That is a gorgeous, gorgeous mural. The rest of the fort looks pretty cool, too. Are you planning on uploading any Stonesense screenshots or anything?

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2010-03-26 to 356 Late Autumn

Love it, that is indeed a epic mural.

Submitted by: Erathoniel - 2010-03-26 to 356 Late Autumn

I agree, nice mural.

Submitted by: McDolomite - 2010-03-26 to 356 Late Autumn


Submitted by: zong - 2010-03-28 to 356 Late Autumn

Thanks for the comments much appreciated.

Submitted by: Servu - 2010-03-29 to 356 Late Autumn

Astonishing work! So many circles!

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