Cradlewind - 303 Mid Summer by Vermadus

Map Description:

Just a map upload to see the glory of my magma pipe. Before i drain it all again, probably replace the glass windows with green glass walls and install some pump stacks.

Not too much has been done. The big Circly tube has been finished for most underground levels, and some are already channelled, which was a extreme pain to do, lots of paint opening and re-making the circles so it still stays a circle, and one the first was done, it's just a matter of redo-ing it on the other z-levels.

As you can see, most z-levels are dug out, then all stones were dumped in the magma, no exceptions. And then some smoothing and finishing the circle.

I have dumped all empty cages in the magma, so all the cages at the stockpile level is full. I have a total of 266 animals at this point, 50 being cats hanging out on the top of my dome. I'll get them!

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Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2010-03-02 to 298 Early Spring

That is one sweet glass dome, where does the water belowground come from though?

Submitted by: Vermadus - 2010-03-04 to 299 Early Summer

Thanks! It's a aquifer. I embarked on a map with magmapipe/aquifer/sand, so i still get the fun i require.

Before i closed it up, i went speed:0 and dug the edges to release the aquifer so now the "pool" fills up nearly instantly. Theres not much room on that z-level for building though.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-03-04 to 300 Early Autumn

Cats stuck on the dome. That I did not expect.

Very sweet dome, have you had chance to put it through a visuliser? It'd be cool if you could upload some pics :)

Submitted by: Vermadus - 2010-03-04 to 300 Early Autumn

After some fiddling with stonesense i got this:

The cat problem is starting to get really bad by now. Thank armok they don't have a extreme big space to move around in, else my fps would still be down the shitter with a 1x1, and that would be seriously sucky.

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