Crestarch - 83 Early Autumn by Office Thug

Map Description:

An attempt at making an offshore Underwater fortress. The water is fairly shallow however so this site might not have been ideal. As you can see, simply dumping magma into the ocean would only be the first step in this insanity.

After the cap's cooled down, the miners will go on it and carve out all the supporting blocks underneath, leaving one in the middle and the ones on the side intact. For those ones I'll first channel the surrounding walls out so all that's left will be a thin obsidian floor, then use Pillars attached to Levers to cave in wall section over those floors. This will effeciently and safely cut the floors and if all goes well the cap will plumet to the oean floor and remain largely intact.

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Submitted by: Vinsombra - 2010-03-09 to 86 Mid Spring

No quantum teleportation, There's a breach in the north wall, if you check Z levels 16 & 17, your wall doesn't quite line up and the water pressure is making fountains which is flooding the interior.

Submitted by: Drone - 2010-03-11 to 86 Mid Spring

Aha! this is what Phlamethrower tried with blockardrhyming! Except this time it might work a lot better because of the simpler design. Also you seem to be quite effectively emptying the sea there.

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