Oldmetal - 203 Early Spring by ClsfdKidd

Map Description:

I've been mean recently. I threw the clerk's cat into the magma (haha) and I got rid of a ton of masterpiece stonecrafts the same way. (oops) I actually did not consider that there might be masterpieces in the bins before chucking them into the magma. Now one of my master stonecrafters is all angry because of "art defacement". Maybe if he would carve something beside tentacle demon figurines I would save his junk. He threw a tantrum, got into a fistfight with the tanner, and broke the tanner's mule's hind leg. Aparently his skilling up has turned him into the sort of dwarf that can pick a fight withh a mule and come out on top. He was "beat" by the sherrif, which sounds like he was slapped around a bit. Anyway, he and the clerk are moping around unhappily.

Everything else at Oldmetal is great. Here's my old TODO list:
DONE! Finish the 1st bedroom pillar.
DONE! Dig out a barracks.
DONE! Find the magma pipe.
DONE! Dig out and activate forges.
SLAVE PITS!! Dug, they just need some love before they go live.
DONE! Operation stonecraft cleanup duty initiated.

And here's my new TODO list:
Make beds to fill up the first bedroom tower.
Make more workspace pillars.
Actually build forges over the magma pits and make some metal stuff. "OH YEAH!!!"
Fill up the slave pits with screw pumps and make the dwarves work until they are legendary pumpers and swimmers.
Recruit the legendary pumpers.

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Submitted by: Tharis - 2013-08-29 to 203 Early Spring

I can see how security is a problem. It's a neat design, though, and I can tell it's seriously labor intensive. What killed this fort?

Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2013-08-30 to 203 Early Spring

Yes, security was supposed to be way inside the fort, after the entrance. Funny enough, lack of security was what killed it.
The high value of the carvings and roasts invited invaders, and the workshops under the ramps had dwarves out in the open when goblins showed up. It took too many years to carve out. Next time I'll have to do it quicker.

Submitted by: Tharis - 2013-08-30 to 203 Early Spring

That has been my problem with more elaborate designs. You have to wall in fast before the first raid shows up. But then, how do you wall in quickly and then build elaborate Urist McMansions? Hm...

Submitted by: fidelcowstro - 2013-08-30 to 203 Early Spring

Gorgeous entrance.

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