Oldmetal - 201 Mid Spring by ClsfdKidd

Map Description:

This is my first fortress using the Dig Deeper mod. Ratlings, Humans, and Elves (for now) are agreeable. Goblins, Phoenixes, and Dark Elves are coming for blood. There are also two halfling civilizations in the area, and I have no idea what they are up to.

I'm going for nearly purely aesthetics here in Oldmetal. Big empty spaces and large pillars will be this fortress's mode of operation.

I desperately need to get a military going, as well as a front door. I shudder to think what horrors lay in store for my dwarves at the hands of the Phoenixes. Hopefully they won't be too easy, but I don't want to lose Oldmetal, either.

I'm thinking a magma moat may be not only necessary, but also kinda cool.

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Submitted by: Tharis - 2013-08-29 to 203 Early Spring

I can see how security is a problem. It's a neat design, though, and I can tell it's seriously labor intensive. What killed this fort?

Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2013-08-30 to 203 Early Spring

Yes, security was supposed to be way inside the fort, after the entrance. Funny enough, lack of security was what killed it.
The high value of the carvings and roasts invited invaders, and the workshops under the ramps had dwarves out in the open when goblins showed up. It took too many years to carve out. Next time I'll have to do it quicker.

Submitted by: Tharis - 2013-08-30 to 203 Early Spring

That has been my problem with more elaborate designs. You have to wall in fast before the first raid shows up. But then, how do you wall in quickly and then build elaborate Urist McMansions? Hm...

Submitted by: fidelcowstro - 2013-08-30 to 203 Early Spring

Gorgeous entrance.

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