Abbey of Fire - 109 Early Spring by Tiogshi

Map Description:

Seven years in, and I think I have one of the most successful fortresses I've made yet. Not the prettiest, but the design and architecture is there. Not the most fruitful, but plenty of trade and a created wealth that just this past winter passed 1,000,000$.
I consider it the most successful fortress I've made because it is very clean (save a bit of blood in the barracks), has only about 9 dwarf deaths out of a current 105 population, and has a well-maintained livestock barn that breeds a steady stream of food and guard animals.
I'm about half-done moving the various industry from the pre-fort out into yard buildings. I just finished transplanting the cloth- and leatherworks, and next to be relocated will be the farms and kitchens (which will go just west of the combination dining hall and sacrifice tower).

* Dig Deeper + .40d
* Orcs modded to be trap-vulnerable (if goblins can't avoid them, I feel neither should orcs).
* Very customized tileset, but currently about 30% The-Moon's variation of MikeMayday's tileset, 40% RantingRodent's tile and creature set. Walls and smooth brick-like floors are my own.
* I feel no shame in using "exploits" like the trade-funnel structure I've made at the map edge. Immigrants and trade representatives don't show up there, anyways, and I do let bits of sieges in at a time so I can reap their metal items.

Point of Interest: Front Gate

The primary entrance. Was the only entrance until I finished the east bridge early this past winter. Here you find alunite and microcline statues hemming in the trader wagons to guide them to the solid gold trade depot (I've found two veins of native gold so far around the magma pipe). - Tiogshi

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