Hellfurnace-MegaForteresse - 218 Early Autumn by Icebird

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Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2010-01-21 to 218 Early Autumn

don't pumps melt unless they're made from bauxite?

Submitted by: snaggles - 2010-01-21 to 218 Early Autumn

Green glass is weird. Using it in your pumps doesn't make it melt.

Submitted by: Igawa - 2010-02-09 to 218 Early Autumn

pumps only need to be made out of non-flammable materials (tin pumps can pump magma fine). As long as the magma doesn't flow 'on top' of the pump, it will function fine. Wood pumps will burn.

Awesome fortress, great trap system :) I like the layout of your stairs and stuff too, going to try it out in my next fort

Submitted by: csebal - 2010-02-10 to 218 Early Autumn

Awesome fort. Really like the organic layout of it.

One question though. What purpose do the extra trade depots on lvl8 serve? If they are trade depots at all.. Those columns look a little different than those of the depot on the top level, then again i dont remember any other building that looks like that.

Submitted by: Icebird - 2010-02-12 to 218 Early Autumn

Its simply shops.

Submitted by: crash2455 - 2010-04-04 to 218 Early Autumn

Nice going. I remember I was trying to implement this once, but I didn't have a close enough source of magma or nonflammable materials. I definitely didn't think about having a giant reservoir above the entrance.

Too bad you didn't link it to pressure plates and make it completely automated as well. I suppose that would remove some of the fun.

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