Icecastle - 107 Early Autumn by csebal

Map Description:

My first uploaded map. It is in a southern, cold region of the map. It has many nice features, like a magma pipe, a really sweet underground river that also functions as a universal drain, an overground river and it even has some adamantite, but that is not revealed yet. Plenty of wood and some sand.

A perfect place to set up shop for a carebear like me :)

Point of Interest: The starting point

This was the original starting point of the fortress. Since i wanted to create a decent entrance, i decided to work for the inside out, using this temporary tunnel to get the initial farming done. I also knew there is a underground river somewhere south of me.. ironically enough, the first exploratory tunnel managed to dig into it. - csebal

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Submitted by: ZiggyEnt - 2010-01-16 to 107 Early Autumn

careful with locking animals in rooms like that... I'm pretty sure they trying to path their way out and bog the CPU down just a tad... though I'd double check that *shrugs*

Otherwise, looks awesome. I love the massive magma pool. Best be prepared, right?

Submitted by: csebal - 2010-01-16 to 107 Early Autumn

Right... :)

This was my first fort after a long time of not playing DF, so i had to re-learn quite a lot of things. This fortress also served as proving grounds for a few things i never really tried before (like the underground windmills, the defensive structures or even the magma pumps).

I've moved on to a new project in the meantime, so this fort is history now :)

As for the animals, i followed an advice from the wiki i think, which suggested that locking them into such 1x1 cells can reduce pathing issues.
See the section about pens. Not sure how it would be possible to see what it actually does :) You would need an extreme amount of animals tied this way for it to work.

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