Budhames - 1061 by Markavian

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Budhames - The fortress of a thousand green glass windows. A modestly constructed town that has suffered great tragedy, in the form of mass starvation. Brutalised by its own success, flooding migrants soon overwhelmed the food stocks, and many hundreds starved to death.

Spring 1060
A second wave of death nears its close as more dwarves starve. The distribution of seeds around the fortress has made it slow and difficult to farm creating more shortages. At least the majority of the dead are now buried and life is returning to a normal, post-morbid state.

Last few years have seen expansions of large tree farming area to the north and the south, extending housing, farms and shops beyond the chasm. The river has been almost all but covered by bridge tiles and the fortress now boats over 320 green glass windows which sparkle as dwarves stride down the corridors of their fine fort.

On a sadder note, mass tombs have been created centre side of the tree farms to hold the many dead who perished during the dark years of this fort's history.

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Submitted by: Turgid Bolk - 2007-07-25 to 1061

I love that control room! It makes me think of military commanders, moving little models around maps of the battlefield. Brilliant!

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