Wirestockades - 80 Early Spring by ZiggyEnt

Map Description:

I've spent the last 5 years focusing on improving efficiency, training, expanding and managing stockpiles and a wee bit of experimentation. There were quite a few sieges and ambushes during this time, as well as 2 dragon visits. I hope to be started my next megaconstruction by year 85. I will have more details regarding what has changed in the POIs.

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Submitted by: ZiggyEnt - 2009-11-14 to 75 Early Summer

If I knew a way to show it... I'd have the Sock embroidered with an image of my Dorf handing some Gobbos their asses... that's right... less than 5 years have passed and they're already integrating our bad-assery into their artwork!

Submitted by: Lord Urist the Great - 2009-11-15 to 75 Early Summer

Obviously it's a mayday tileset, but where are those walls from?

Submitted by: ZiggyEnt - 2009-11-16 to 75 Early Summer

which walls?

Submitted by: Lord Urist the Great - 2009-11-16 to 75 Early Summer

As in, the walls your tileset uses. With the angled corners and everything. They look a bit like these ones:
but thicker, better.

Submitted by: ZiggyEnt - 2009-11-16 to 75 Early Summer

I just use the most recent version of Mayday's that is available on his website.. *shrugs*

Submitted by: Lord Urist the Great - 2009-11-17 to 75 Early Summer

OK, I'll look at that. Thanks! (great fort btw, if only mine were half as good *sigh*)

Submitted by: ZiggyEnt - 2009-11-17 to 75 Early Summer

lol, this has to be fort numero 12, by now... even then, I'm at the cusp of a tantrum spiral... forgot to keep up barrel production and went from 3k drinks in stockpiles to NONE in less than a season... my fort's population is between 200 and 210... I have no magma and cannot grow tower caps

still hella fun, though

Good luck and just remember the motto of the game

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