Craftpicks - 207 Early Spring by sirbobsalot

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Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2009-12-20 to 203 Early Spring

Nice. A neat and tidy fort. However, I imagine you are going to outgrow that initial design very quickly.

Submitted by: Servu - 2010-01-05 to 207 Early Spring

I didn't get the gauntlet first but closer inspection did the trick. That thing is neat. The overall design is also some welcome variation from the endless square grid forts.

Submitted by: sirbobsalot - 2010-01-07 to 207 Early Spring

This is my first attempt at a fort using some roundy bits instead of my usual grid of 5x5 squares. I like the way it's turning out so far, though I think next time I'll make the center chamber a little bigger so I can squeeze some lateral hallways past the N/S/E/W blocks.

Going to do a full round of POI's for the 208 update, since most of the original floorplan is complete. The entrance defenses got their first test in early Autumn 207, and the trap maze did the trick nicely. The two rings closest to the crossbow tower were set up with serrated disc and spiked ball traps to pretty good effect. Too bad the marksdwarves were all off drinkin at the time, or they would have had some live-fire practice.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2010-01-12 to 209 Early Spring

Beautiful wheel of death!

Submitted by: ZiggyEnt - 2010-01-12 to 209 Early Spring

I like it. A very well designed fort. I love the Catacombs. I think I shall be referencing this fort for when I rty fiddling with my river.

Submitted by: Mzbundifund - 2010-01-12 to 209 Early Spring

Nice to see some fine use of POIs. I think I can explain your jailed dwarfs refusing to sleep on their prison beds, they are probably trying to get to their old bedrooms. If you unassign their old rooms for the duration of their imprisonment, and designate their jail beds as a little 2x2 bedroom assigned to them, they might then decide to use them.

Submitted by: sirbobsalot - 2010-01-12 to 209 Early Spring

Next time I try to divert a river I'm going to bring the discharge back in waaaaaaaaaay further downstream. What was happening is I'd get about a minute where the pumps would work just like they're supposed to, then the water would back up the stream and flood the pumping area again. I'm thinking maybe if I had brought the bypasses in closer to where the river drains off the edge of the map I wouldn't have had as much trouble.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-01-13 to 209 Early Spring

Well laid out- and good constructions across the map.
A fine fortress I should say.

Submitted by: ZiggyEnt - 2010-01-15 to 209 Early Spring

Was looking at your fort again and noticed the farms. Did you just put flooring over soil? Or was there some impressive mosesdorf action going on?

Did a *facepalm* when I saw how you powered your millstones...

Over-all, still impressed *thumbs up*

Submitted by: sirbobsalot - 2010-01-27 to 209 Early Spring

The soil was a couple of layers deep close to the river, so all of level 17 and the eastern bits of level 16 are constructed floors/walls. That's what the leftover stone stockpile on level 16 is from. The citizens of Craftpicks are no mere savages to be squatting in the dirt! They demand proper stone accommodations. =)

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