Shieldword - 5 Early Spring by Razin

Map Description:

Sheildword's third year begins with solid stocks of food, booze, and trade goods. However, space is getting a bit tight in the temporary fort, as there are 28 dwarves living there, and not enough rooms or tables to accommodate them all. The big project for the year ahead is to find and tap the underground water supply (which I know is somewhere in the south-east), and irrigate some farms so that I can begin moving the population into the fort proper.

These conditions are made worse thanks to five recent deaths at the hands of the native creatures.

Point of Interest: The Most Important Dwarves

These two dwarves are really all that allow me to continue working on the main fort. I have other fighters, but they are less skilled and completely unarmored.
These guys are only slightly better equipped, using whatever scraps of armor I could trade from the caravan of make from leather, and armed with the axe I brought for defense initially, and a bronze spear I got through trading.
Despite this, they did manage to bring down on giant bat and a dozen batmen before they even reached champion status, and several more since. At the moment they're guarding the entrance to the main fort, because the flying critters seem to love ambushing my dwarves here (hence the guardrails on the bridges to the west) - Razin

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