Rhymestakes - 326 Early Spring by Quietust

Map Description:

Rhymestakes is complete.

The Elves, once bringers of exotic animals, are now obsessed with our wealth - they try to bring so many goods that they run out of animals before they can finish packing up all of their cloth, leaving no room for anything else. Year after year, we agree to a tree cutting quota, then we proceed to clearcut an entire area block, violating the quota by several hundred percent. The Elves still haven't gotten the clue that we aren't happy with them - hopefully, they will get the message and tone down their imports to reasonable levels (levels they are capable of actually carrying) or at least try and siege us, ideally while mounted on Unicorns.

A self-destruct device has been constructed deep within the earth, capable of destroying the entire tower in an instant. Special engineering was required in order to ensure that the various water and magma pipelines were not physically connected to the tower itself - luckily, floodgates built on top of constructed walls do not collapse when the walls are deconstructed, even if they are effectively left floating in mid-air.

Over the past 25 years, five megabeasts have attempted to take this fortress: three titans, and two dragons. All 3 titans were easily defeated by our Champions, while the two dragons were captured, tamed, and chained at the entrance of the fortress. In an odd twist of fate, the two dragons are of opposite gender, so a bit of modding would permit them to breed and raise an entire army.

Point of Interest: Self Destruct Button

Pulling this lever will deconstruct the Steel block support which holds up the entire tower, causing it to crash to the ground in a magnificent cloud of dust, mist, and magma. Not recommended for the faint of heart (or the weak of CPU - it takes nearly 10 minutes for the cave-in to occur).

Several safeguards exist to prevent the lever from being pulled accidentally - seven safety floodgates must be opened and a masterwork clear glass window smashed (or deconstructed) in order to reach the final lever. - Quietust

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Submitted by: ajr_ - 2009-11-12 to 309 Mid Spring

Very exciting indeed. This is a new trick Quietust.

Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-11-12 to 309 Mid Spring

I wouldn't say it's a new trick - players have been casting obsidian towers for years.

Submitted by: Fossaman - 2010-01-31 to 326 Early Spring

In case of armageddon, break glass. Very nice.

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