Osor Adel, Kingdom of Water - 209 Late Summer by Tiogshi

Map Description:

The inner fortress is now hollowed, and I'm working on removing the roof over it. I had to take it the slow and safe way to avoid exposing the upper battlements as an entry point for invaders, so it'll probably be late next year that my miners finally get around to finishing that job.

Point of Interest: Trade Funnel

( 209 Late Summer → onwards )

This nifty structure (made from bridges, not walls, so I can get it to the map border) makes all trade caravans show up right here, where they take a brief underground tunnel to the trade entrance. And even if invaders show up here, instead of elsewhere on the map periphery, I have plenty of time to raise the trade gate and seal off the pedestrian entrances. - Tiogshi

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Submitted by: ajr_ - 2009-10-14 to 205

Nice underyard.

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