Reliccave - 205 Early Winter by Lemunde

Map Description:

Lots of nice stuff going on. Got some nice quarters for all my legendary crafts-dwarves. Booze is flowing freely. And not a single ambush so far. Goblins must not like the heat.

Point of Interest: Entrance

- Lemunde

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Submitted by: Bharani - 2009-11-24 to 205 Early Winter

I have resorted to taking screen shots of your maps to copy your graphics... would you be so kind as to submit the dwarf graphics you use (they are the best I've seen!) to the Wiki? Or perhaps I should lurk the official forums more...

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-11-25 to 205 Early Winter

I appreciate the way your tunnels burrow off in different directions, gives the map a much more expansive feel. Also, kudos on the tilset, looks good :)

Submitted by: Lemunde - 2009-11-25 to 205 Early Winter

It should already be on the wiki, although I do keep making adjustments to it. Just look for the Lemunde set.

Submitted by: Bharani - 2009-12-04 to 205 Early Winter

It's odd -- I can find your tiles on the wiki, but not the graphics for the dwarves themselves. Great fort, BTW. The well area reminds me of Dragon Warrior for the NES.

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