Galleywheel - 206 Late Summer by sirbobsalot

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Galleywheel - Started Spring 206 (Nov. 16, 2009)

Currently on the third group of dwarfs attempting to colonize this mountain. The first group ran into a spot of trouble with a couple of consecutive goblin ambushes; more then the defenses at the time could cope with.

The first force sent in to recapture the fortress was doing fairly well for a while. They expanded the floorplan to cover all the basic elements, and got some decent industry going. An unfortunate mishap at a deconstruction project (someone decided to operate a magma pump manually instead of taking it apart) ended up roasting half a dozen dwarfs, throwing the fort into a tantrump spiral. That at least was amusing to watch, especially after I activated them all back into the military so they were violently unhappy and armed. =P

The second force sent to the fortress is currently one season in and settled in fairly nicely. Industry has been started back up, food supplies are in good shape, and dwarfs are happier than ever. With luck there's enough of a buffer there that the loss of one or two dwarfs won't cause another tantrum spiral.

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Submitted by: sirbobsalot - 2009-11-18 - Removed

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2009-11-19 to 206 Late Summer

Wow, I love your workshop complex, I may steal some of that. Also a big fan of the smokestacks, a design I've used in a couple forts before.

++ For hand pumping a volcano into your fortress.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2009-11-19 to 206 Late Summer

Hmmm, what I thought to be a smokestack was actually the cave river's descent. :P

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