Osor Adel, Kingdom of Water - 207 Early Winter by Tiogshi

Map Description:

A few years on, and the humans and orcs are still sieging me seasonally. The current camp of humans you can see on the surface have been around since the first week of summer, and winter settled almost a month ago.

In terms of fortress progress, I've swiss'd up the whole interior courtyard ("swiss cheesing" is my term for caverning by carving stairs and then channelling them out), smoothed its walls, and have started swissing out over what will eventually be the outer walls. That should show you how high the walls will extend, knowing that the exterior ground level will be shaved down to the courtyard level (the level with only upward stairs, and my forges at the south).

Point of Interest: Work, Work, Work

Here my dwarves have just started digging out the space over the fortress walls; the walls will be 6 sheer z-levels high, and all natural stone. - Tiogshi

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Nice underyard.

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