Deepsink - 28 Early Spring by Tiogshi

Map Description:

Eight years in, and I've lose my woodcutter and the triplets on her back :( to a construction accident (a pump, powered by an incomplete windmill I thought I had suspended, suddenly finished and pushed her into the ocean). See the four Halls for their memorials.

Despite that, I've finished the wind-powered water-wheel farm, and set up all four drowning-statue waterfalls, which are now looking disturbingly prescient. I'm not letting my dwarves do any engraving for a couple years, just in case.

Point of Interest: Hall of Founders

( 28 Early Spring → onwards )

Seven statues of dwarves; any questions? - Tiogshi

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Submitted by: SoulSkorpion - 2009-11-11 to 25 Early Spring

Maybe a highway to the mainland a la Venice might be a good megaproject? Could possibly be done the same way as the intercontinental magma pipeline project; no idea if it'd make your island accessible to immigrants, though...

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