Snarlingtool - 261 Late Autumn by cephalo

Map Description:

Snarlingtool is a refuge of Romimi Elayeomo, Elf King of dwarves.

Point of Interest: Refuge of the Elf King

This seat of Romimi Elayeomo, Elf king of the Blockade of Fealties, a dwarven civilization, sits upon a fully engraved obsidian tower situated on an island on the edge of the sea, prepared for his protection by dwarves who for one hundred years have revered him as a father.

How this elf became the king of dwarves is a story of tragedy and forgiveness. Generations of war between the dwarves of the Blockade of Fealties, and the elves of the Hollow Grotto, and elves of the Hairy Spring had reduced the once great dwarven civilization to a handful of survivors living in the woods.

Late in the war, Romimi was captured by a small party of dwarves while collecting wood for his crafts. During his captivity, Romimi soon observed the dwarves loudly complaining of hunger and squabbling over petty concerns. He then learned that not a single one of his captors was over 12 years of age. The dwarves of the Blockade of Fealties were the Elves most hated enemy, but these were merely children badly in need of adult guidance.

Romimi took pity on these children and found it easy to gain their trust. They responded quickly to his leadership, and over the course of time he taught them respect for themselves and for others. Though an elf, he told them all he knew about their former culture and raised them as best as he could as dwarves.

The other elves of the Hollow Grotto not only tolerated these new arrivals, but applauded Romimi for his compassion and eventually rewarded Romimi by elevating him to the kingship. To the dwarves naturally, he was recognized as their leader from nearly the moment they met him.

The elves of the Hairy Spring reacted very differently to these developments. They were furious that this chance to seal the destruction of their enemy had been squandered. They remained outwardly peaceful to their elven brothers, but fell upon any of their dwarven friends that they happened to catch in the wild.

As time went by and the dwarves grew up and had children of their own, it became time to set out and find a new home. They set up this fortress of Snarlingtool to renew their lost civilization and honor their king. Though this location was far away from their original homeland, the elves of the Hairy Spring learned of this new home and resolved to destroy it once and for all. They attack every spring, but so far the dwarves have held out, causing dreadful casualties among the elves the like of which hadnít been seen in ages. In this way the elves of the Hairy Spring are steadily consumed by their hatred.
- cephalo

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Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2009-11-06 to 261 Late Autumn

Wow. This is both the most perverted thing I have ever seen, as well as the most gorgeous. I wonder if trees will ever grow on the top of that very un-elfish tower.

Submitted by: cephalo - 2009-11-09 to 261 Late Autumn

No, they won't. I was hoping for that, but the rule is that you need soil wall in the Z level below within 2 tiles. It's been like this for 10 years.

Submitted by: Overspeculated - 2009-11-10 to 261 Late Autumn

You should have built it on a map with an underground river, heh, and then maybe gotten some tower caps to grow on the top before clearing the roof. I'm sure that would have worked

Submitted by: Meanmelter - 2010-06-17 to 261 Late Autumn

How did you manage to get that circular hill?

Submitted by: cephalo - 2010-06-22 to 261 Late Autumn

The whole thing is a giant obsidian cast.

Submitted by: plaintext1 - 2010-08-20 to 261 Late Autumn

Incredible! The noble king will certainly be pleased.

It has me wondering though: what version of DF was this fortress made in?

Submitted by: cephalo - 2010-10-10 to 261 Late Autumn

This was made in 40d

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