Veleshtân - 15 Early Spring by RAM_

Map Description:

Someone let a lunatic who believes that all fortress entrances should be the same take the wheel, obviously it was a disaster. Woe unto the poor fool who next faces this mire of half-finished chaos.

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Submitted by: Kogan Loloklam - 2009-10-10 to 11 Early Spring

This is the succession fortress found at

Submitted by: gerkinzola - 2009-10-11 to 13 Early Spring

interesting entrance, however there is no airlock between your fort and the outside so you can let the traders in without risking your fort... just a suggestion/observation

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2009-10-11 to 13 Early Spring

Ow, an airlock. This is an enlightening and so good looking a fortress. The paranoid trade depot is just something every fortress should include.

Submitted by: Sinergistic - 2009-10-13 to 13 Early Spring

There is an airlock, you can very clearly see a bridge next to the trade depot.

Besides, airlocks are wussies, 'open 24/7' forts are the best! (read: fun)

Submitted by: RAM_ - 2009-12-07 to 11 Early Spring

Year 16 can be found here:

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