Towerwebbed - 311 Mid Autumn by smjjames

Map Description:

The beginnings of.... something. So much open space and not sure where to start. Invasions are off, which is why there are no defenses atm.

Point of Interest: Entrance area

( 305 Early Spring → onwards )

Not really sure what I want to do to develop the entrance area further, but its the start of something. - smjjames

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Submitted by: Danarca - 2009-10-14 to 311 Mid Autumn

What the hell, how much stone do you have????? :O

Submitted by: smjjames - 2009-10-14 to 311 Mid Autumn

I actually dumped the stone (except for any ore that I found) that resulted from levelling that mountain into the magma pipe.

I have about 23,600 stone atm.

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