Plaitbust - 210 Late Autumn by Cheepicus

Map Description:

Another "city" fortress, built on a tunnel. Got the king after 10 years. My most successful (i.e. I didn't get bored) no-magma fortress.

Point of Interest: Overview

( 210 Late Autumn → onwards )

Most everything on the fortress. This is a 2x4 embark, with streets laid out with shift-arrow keys, making each building 7x7 on the inside.

Most everything revolves around the bauxite depot, with food and crafts south + west, and metal/wood/stone to the north.

White structures are engraved structures for the Duke and King. The green area in the SE is the arena, the yellow cross is the philosopher's school.

Population is 289, with 77 children and babies. - Cheepicus

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