Bitepride - 151 Early Spring by Konig

Map Description:

This is my first fort fully (or mostly) designed before first unpause. Future plans include channelling away everything around the fortress bar 1 path for arrivals. Overall it can house about 250 dwarfs, each with their own tomb, three places of worship and much more.

Point of Interest: Labyrinth and Artifact Vault

This is the planned labyrinth, born out of a useless corner of a map. Some would say it's silly to have it so close to the top of the fort, but no-one but NO-ONE is getting through this. - Konig

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Submitted by: ElTea - 2009-10-07 to 151 Early Spring

Wow. Ridiculously awesome planning there. Can't wait to see it all carved out.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-10-07 to 151 Early Spring

Did you auto-hotkey your design for future use? ;-)

Submitted by: Konig - 2009-10-07 to 151 Early Spring

Ah, no, my version of DF (or my computer, dunno which) has issues with AHK. So I don't bother with it, and just toughen my fingers :P

Submitted by: Cheepicus - 2009-10-08 to 151 Early Spring

While it's true that no one is getting through the labyrinth, isn't that because there's no path through it? ;)

Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-10-08 to 151 Early Spring

Technically, there is a way to get to the "inner" chamber - just squeeze through the diagonal gap at the bottom right corner.

Submitted by: Konig - 2009-10-08 to 152 Early Spring

There is a path through it, I had to dig out the pool to get through it. And yes, that was mistake 1 in the bottom corner there :P Number 2 was not leaving a wall for the ramps to lean on on the tomb level.

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