Muckgrotto (DFM2) - 108 Early Spring by Magua

Map Description:

My entry for the Dwarf Fortress Masters 2 challenge

A change of pace for me, this embraces most of the dwarvenly aspects that I normally avoid:

1) Mandates, demands, and requirements were met as best as possible, instead of ignored when inconvenient
2) A Sheriff was appointed, and Justice was meted out
3) The suggested number of Royal Guards, Fortress Guards, and prison chains were used
4) I used every industry available, at least a little. Made soap, dyed cloth, fished...sadly, no milking (no purring maggots) and no animal dissection (no moghoppers).

I did skip the coins, though. Enough FPS problems as it was.

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Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-10-02 to 108 Early Spring

Regarding your duke consort, there's actually a rather convenient bug in 40d that you can use to circumvent export bans on goods that get placed in bins - if you manually select every item in the bin for trade but don't trade the bin itself, it won't count as a crime and nobody will get punished, presumably because it can't figure out who brought the individual items to the depot (as the entire bin was brought as a single unit). I've done this repeatedly in my own fortress to get rid of my duchess consort's precious amulets.

Unfortunately, I'm still stuck with a massive anvil stockpile in my duke's throne room...

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