Systembooks - 213 Mid Spring by Cheepicus

Map Description:

After year 3.

Point of Interest: Overview

( 213 Mid Spring → 213 Late Winter )

Notable additions are the administrative building to the SW (that hopes to have a brass cupola some day, and a statue garden inside), marble paving on the meeting square, and an archery range in the S. NW to be used for nobles estates. - Cheepicus

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-09-29 to 211 Early Spring

Not enough food to entice migrants?

Submitted by: Cheepicus - 2009-09-29 to 211 Early Spring

They care about food? I thought they only cared about created wealth, which is 38100. I definitely wasted time dumping rocks out of stockpile space I wasn't using.

Submitted by: Cheepicus - 2009-09-29 to 211 Early Spring

Got 20 in mid-spring, huzzah.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-09-30 to 212 Early Spring

Ahh, cool, I like the new layout, its really neat, and the overview looks easy to understand. I think my patterns have always been a bit too small / intricate, but those rooms look the perfect size.

RE: Wealth - food is very valuable, or at least can be if prepared right. I run all my trade off the value of cooked food.

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Submitted by: Cheepicus - 2009-10-01 to 212 Early Spring

It's not very efficient but it's fun to build -- really fun to try to make each cell a little self-contained thing. Which lets me also be small and intricate.

These cells might be a little too big, actually.. I might start again with smaller cells.

The whole point of course is to avoid using the z-axis as much as possible to try to get away from those central stairwell type of forts.

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